VN018 - Advanced Diagnostics for VAG Vehicles


- Advanced Diagnostics 
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VN018 Advanced Diagnostic is the latest development by Abrites, having many useful applications. It has very flexible and detailed coding options, outbalancing the OEM solutions.
The software is designed with quick menus and buttons to help and and save time with the daily work.
Main functionalities:
MMI Configuration - e.g. offroad menu activation
Long Coding options
Basic settings - access to all available basic settings for each module; e.g. autoleveling headlights calibration, trunk calibration, DSG Clutch Kiss points calibration, Bleed brakes, Steering angle sensor, AC flap motors and many more!
Wireless CarPlay/GoogleAuto configuration
Coding helper - Quick and user friendly coding options
Supported models:
VAG UDS models
An AVDI interface and an active Assist plan are required to purchase and use this special function.
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