MN031 - DAS Manager For Mercedes-Benz Trucks


- Mercedes-Benz Actros

- Mercedes-Benz Arocs
- Mercedes-Benz Antos

- Other vehicles from the range
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The MN031 license is developed for procedures related to the vehicle's Immobiliser. This functionality allows various procedures to be performed on the Mercedes-Benz truck range of vehicles. These include:
• Spare key programming
for all infrared-based trucks up to 2020

• Module replacement - EZS, ECU (MCM), TCM modules
    - Module reset (virgin)
    - Read/write coding
    - Personalisation
    - Activation
In order to complete the key programming procedure, you will need the ZN003 Abrites PROTAG V2 Programmer, the TA69 Abrites Infra-red key for Mercedes trucks, the ZN051 Distribution box, as well as the ZN075 Abrites IR-adapter for Mercedes trucks. The ZN075 is used for password reading during key programming. In All Keys Lost situations the CB022 jumper cable is also required.
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