BN011 - Immobiliser parts synchronisation


Perform synchronisation/recovery of CAS, EGS and ECU.

BN010 Required

BN012 Required

ZN003 Required for BN010
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The BN011 special function has the ability to synchronise the Electronic Gearbox System in any E and F- series vehicles equipped with the ZF 6 HP and ZF 8 HP EGS (6 and 8 speed gearbox control modules). 

We can Perform synchronisation/recovery between CAS, EGS and ECU. BN011 covers the following gearboxes:
•6HP EGS in E-series vehicles
•8HP EGS in E-series vehicles (ONLY if the dump from the donor DME/DDE is available)
•8HP EGS in F-series vehicles

Special functions BN010 and BN012 are also required for adaptation of 6-speed gearboxes in E-series vehicles.

ZN003 is required in order to use the BN010

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