EP003 - Bosch MD/MG ECU Manager


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Requirements EP001 active Assist plan
The EP003 license allows the full reading/writing/updating of PFlash, DFlash and Maps, as well as checksum correction of MD/MG Engine Control Units and VGSNAG/ZF 8HP/DQ381 Transmission Control Units on bench.
The procedures allow exchanging these modules in a wide selection of vehicles.
Supported ECUs:
  • MD/MD1 with SPCxxx and TC2xx
  • MG/MG1 with SPCxxx and TC2xx
Supported TCUs:
  • VGSNAG3 9G-tronic
  • ZF 8HP
  • DQ381
  • Getrag 7DCT300
Click here for a detailed list of all supported ECUs.
Active Assist plan  and Internet connection are required for the procedures.
When working with MD/MG ECUs, you will need the CB023 or CB030 connection cable.
In case you need to program a ZF 8HP TCU, use the ZN079 connection cable.
An AVDI interface with a valid Assist plan and active EP001 license are required for the purchase.
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