Abrites Diagnostics for Kia Hyundai 4.4.

Abrites Diagnostics for Kia Hyundai 4.4

Yet another update from our Hyundai and Kia development team. Version 4.4 of the Abrites diagnostics for Hyundai and Kia will now include the following:

- PIN code reading from Denso Smart Key Units. This expands the functionality of the software to include newer cars and more models for key programming.

- Added PIN code reading from Continental Smart Key Units (2016+). Even more new car models and unsurpassed support list.

- PIN CODE READING will now be performed online so as to allow more and more models to be supported so internet connection will be required but this will make the support list of vehicles even larger.

- Improved key learning and PIN code reading for SKUs with key slot

- All owners of the HK008 Special function and a ASSIST PLAN at the time of release of the update will receive the functionality for FREE.

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