Abrites Diagnostics for V.A.G 37

- MQB Read cluster CS by OBDII applicable for: VDO TFT, VDO Virtual Cockpit and JCI

- MQB All keys lost - added ability to perform ALL KEYS LOST even if the car is with automatic transmission. 

- Read MQB transmission control units - Read CS, Clone/Restore on bench read or internal can with the ds box relay from the fuse of the transmission.

- Read DL501 Generation 2 transmission control unit (A6/A7 2013+) - Clone/Restore. The transmission needs to be read on a bench.

- Replace MQB dashboard - possibility to clone an existing dashboard and replace with a second hand unit.

- Adapt modules to MQB cars - Engine control unit, Transmission control unit, Steering lock

- Possibility to adapt any Immo V parts manually (MQB/BCM2) if the CS of the parts is known.

- IMMO V/ IMMO IV hybrid cars (sometimes the ECU of some cars is IMMO V and teh rest is IMMO IV this is where this functionality is unbelievable. For cars with Immo IV dashboard (CS is 12 bytes) and Immo V engine control unit (CS is 16 bytes) - e.g. Caddy/Tiguan/Touaran/Transporter 2016+ - possibility to extract the CS (16 bytes) of the key and of the ECU from the CS of the dashboard

- Unsuppoprted VDO NEC dasboards added - both for mileage and keys (e.g. VW Fox). Many new VDO NEC clusters added to the support list allowing more and easier support.