RR025 Mileage calibration for Renault Clio V/Captur II and new Zoe


- Clio V/Captur II

- New Zoe

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Renault/Dacia allows odometer calibration and module replacement in the latest models from the brand.

Main functionalities:
• Instrument Cluster replacement
• ABS/ESC replacement
• Mileage recalibration in IC and ABS

Supported vehicles:
• Clio V/Captur II
• New Zoe

The RR025 allows mileage recalibration by diagnostics in Visteon instrument clusters (both variants - Low Line and High Line HD), and by dump in Calsonic Kansei instrument clusters (with mechanical pointers).
This license also allows independent reset to 0 by diagnostics in ABS BOSCH UDS.
In order to perform the above mentioned procedures, you will need the CB012 or CB021.

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