Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes Online version 31.6

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes version online 31.6

This update will include the following:

- 72 new electronic control units added for coding, together they have 925 new software variations, all of which include up to 717 new SCN coding abilities.

- All of these electronic control units have  been included for SCN coding with a special attention to FBS 4 vehicles such as  W217 and W282. Free for all customers with ASSIST PLAN

- New SMART functions have been added. An example of that is the  Airbag seat mat removal, Clear crash data, etc. allowing easy, fast coding for these units to be performed for the most common issues you may encounter during your work. Free for all customers with ASSIST PLAN

- FBS4 Manager has been greatly improved for reading and renewal - new unit versions have been added meaning that there will be even more ECU versions supported. The reading speed has been improved which shortens the reading and renewal time. Free for all customers with ASSIST PLAN and MN027

- The online functionality has been improved greatly in order to withstand poor internet conditions allowing the work process to be performed in places with poor internet quality. Free for all customers with a ASSIST PLAN



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