CB030 - Mercedes-Benz MD/MG ECU connection cable for FBS4 Manager and ECU Programming Tool


Engine control units from BOSCH types MD1, MG1 in Mercedes-Benz vehicles and vans.

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The CB030 cable is intended for direct connection on bench with the engine control units from BOSCH types MD1, MG1 in Mercedes-Benz vehicles and vans.
The cable is useful for diagnostic purposes on bench, and of course for FLASH/DFLASH programming using EP003 functionality of Abrites ECU Programming Tool.
Using the MN032 FBS4 Manager license, you can virginsie, personalise and extract personalisation data from MD1, MG1 ECUs via the CB030 cable.
The CB030 has two identical connectors with different pinouts for MG and MD ECUs. One of the connectors is specially designed for MD type of ECUs, and the other is for MG type of ECUs. 
Exercise caution and make sure you connect the right type of connector to the ECU (MD or MG) to avoid ECU malfunction.
In order to complete the procedures, you can either use the ZN051 Abrites Distribution Box or direct connection to AVDI. 
When using DS-BOX connect DB25 connector and DB15 connector of CB030 to DS-BOX. When using a direct connection to AVDI, connect the DB25 connector of the CB030 to the AVDI, and the DB15 connector of the CB030 to the black DB15 adapter with switch for ignition. 
This adapter is then connected to a 12V power supply via DC connector, the ZN074 is ideal for this purpose.
An AVDI with an active Assist plan is required to complete the procedures.

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