CB501 - RH850/V850 connection cable


- RH850/V850 connection cable

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The CB501 - RH850/V850 connection cable is used for connecting the ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer to different modules equipped with RH850/V850 processors.

This cable is included in the ZN085 (ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer) set of cables.

The CB501 cable has wires for connection to various modules on one end, and a DB9 connector for connection to the programmer on the other. 

The wires of the CB501 are soldered onto the PCB of the module you would like to read or write, and the connector is plugged into the ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer.

This is not a standalone solution, it is used in combination with the ZN085 and AVDI.
It can be purchased as a spare cable in case the CB501 in the original ZN085 set is damaged or misplaced.

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