TA36 Abrites DST 40bit/ DST+ 80bit electronic head transponder


• DST40 Emulation

 DST80+ Emulation 

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The TA36 is used for DST+ transponder emulation and master key preparation.
Main functionalities:
Emulation of ALL DST+ transponders (40 or 80 bits SK authentication mode)
master smart key preparation by diagnostic
cloning of Texas 4D keys
key programming for Ford vehicles
Toyota/Lexus/Scion g-transponder (type 98 smart key DST 80) emulation
(Content of the transponder is fixed, useful for master key programming by dump)
replacement of all DST+ transponders in 80 bits SK authentication mode for all bikes (BMW, Husqvarna etc.)
unlimited number of transponder programming attempts
AVDI and ZN002 or ZN003 Protag v2 programmer are required in order to use this product.

Unlimited number of transponder programming attempts.

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