VN021 - MQB Immo Data extraction from RH850 dump


• VDO MQB Analogue RH850
• VDO MQB Virtual Cockpit RH850 

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The VN021 license allows extracting the Immobilizer data from dump of RH850 processors, used in VAG MQB dashboards with Megamos-AES keys. Upon reading the RH850 processor using the ABRITES Programmer, CS, MAC, Keys, and PowerClass information is visualised in the software.
This data can then be used for adding a spare key to the vehicle. It can also be used to exchange the instrument cluster, which requires extracting Immo data from both the replacement module, and the donor one.

• Reading Immo data from dump of RH850 processors in VAG MQB dashboards
• Spare key addition
• Instrument cluster exchange
Supported vehicles:
VAG vehicles with the following dashboards 
• VDO MQB Analogue RH850
• VDO MQB Virtual Cockpit RH850 

The ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer is required
This license will be enriched with additional functionalities, details will be announced soon

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