Mercedes/Maybach/Smart 11.11

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  1. MN031 - DAS Manager For Mercedes-Benz Trucks MN031 - DAS Manager For Mercedes-Benz Trucks
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    Supported vehicles:

    • Mercedes-Benz Actros
    • Mercedes-Benz Arocs
    • Mercedes-Benz Antos
    • (and other models from the truck range with IR keys)
    • Mercedes-Benz Travego
    • Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 3rd Generation
    • Setra with Infrared keys
    Setra buses include:
    • Setra 511 HD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 515 HD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 515 MD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 516 HD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 516 HD/2 (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 516 MD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 517 HD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 519 HD (ComfortClass 500)
    • Setra 515 HDH (TopClass 500)
    • Setra 516 HDH (TopClass 500)
    • Setra 517 HDH (TopClass 500)
    • Setra 531 DT (TopClass 500)
    • (and other models from the buses range with IR keys)
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  2. ZN030 - ABPROG ZN030 - ABPROG
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    This programmer works together with AVDI interface. With the help of this programmer you can :

    - For NEC MCU's assembled in the MERCEDES IR-Keys - Read the SSID of the key, Erase the NEC chip and then program it again

    - With adapter ZN031 for M35xxx/SPI/I2C Adapter together with Abrites EEPROM Programmer software allows you to erase and write SPI EEPROM memory with and without incremental registers:

    • M35080VP
    • M35080V6
    • D080D0WQ
    • D160D0WQ
    • M95080
    • M95160
    • M95320
    • M95640
    • M95128
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  3. ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box
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     ABRITES Distribution Box (ZN051) is an assisting tool, designed to work with AVDI interface and ABRITES diagnostic software for reading ECUs by direct connection and boot mode. 

    The Distribution Box is convenient for working both on bench and in the car. It can be used to connect to CAN and K-Line, as well as provide ground and power (12V) from external power supply. ZN051 has a set of cables and pins used to connect to different modules, in order to virginise, personalise and activate these modules.

    The tool also has a fuse relay incorporated, allowing fast password extraction from Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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