Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require an AVDI to use the special functions,  for example the Renault Commander  (RR003) Key Learning function?
Yes, you require an AVDI to use any of the special functions in the various Commanders.
Can I add different special functions to the same AVDI?
Yes, you can add as many special functions to the same AVDI as you require from any of the Commanders we offer, the list which is continuing to expand to include more manufacturers/models and functions.
Can I purchase an AVDI with some special functions and add some special functions at a later date, or do I have to purchase everything at the same time?
You can add any special functions to your AVDI at any time.
I received the AVDI interface in the post, can you explain what I do next to get started?
Once you receive your hardware interface, we will then email you a link to software download. Install the software and you ready to go.
Do I receive manuals for AVDI and software?
Yes,  manuals are downloaded from the link we email you after purchase.
How often does AVDI get updated?
AVDI is updated frequently. please check News section for latest software updates.
How do I get updates for my commanders?
As soon as a new update is released for your commander we will notify you by email and send you a link to download the update.
What is the manufacture warranty on the AVDI hardware?
12 months manufactures warrant on AVDI hardware.
What computer capability do I require to run software?
Microsoft Windows XP Pentium III upwards. Slower processor is preferred for reading/writing data to eeprom.
Will it work on an Apple Computer?
Not yet. Only operating system supported is Microsoft Windows. 
What payment method do you accept for goods?
We accept online payment of most major credit/debit cards .
How do I go ahead and make a purchase of an AVDI plus special functions?
Online. any questions  please email us at [email protected]  Once payment has been received you will be notified by email that hardware will be shipped special delivery with tracking number. Software will be emailed to you.
I have further questions, how do I contact you?
For more information about any of our products please contact us at: [email protected]
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