MN035 - VGS4-NAG2 FBS4 Virgin/Personalisation via ABPROG


- VGS4-NAG2 FBS4 virgin/personalisation
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MN035 VGS4-NAG2 FBS4 virgin/personalisation via ABPROG license is dedicated to work with VGS4-NAG2 7G-Tronic TCU of the FBS4/DAS4 generation.


  • Read FBS4 data from VGS4-NAG2 modules with the help of ABPROG
  • Set VGS4-NAG2 modules to virgin state using ABPROG
  • Write FBS4 personalization data to the TCU using ABPROG
  • Writing is also available via the internal CAN-BUS for owners of MN034 

ZN030 ABPROG programmer, AVDI, MN032 Active Assist Plan are required!

VGS4-NAG2 7G-Tronic Transmission Control Units of the FBS4/DAS4 generation
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