MN032 - DAS Manager for FBS4 cars


FBS4 Electronic Control Modules

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MN032 is a world leader in terms of Mercedes-Benz vehicles module replacement, both for new and used control units.

  • Set FBS4 Electronic Control Modules to virgin state
  • Read the personalization data from a FBS4 Control Modules and save it to a file
  • Program personalization data from a previously saved file to a FBS4 Control Module
  • FBS4 Control Modules Activation
  • Display FBS4 status of Control Modules including assembled in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • VIN programming
Currently supported FBS4 - Control Modules:
  • by OBDII - Read FBS4 data, Program FBS4 data (Personalize), set to virgin state all MED17, EDC17, SID310, Delphi-CRD3 ECUs, (CR40, CR41, CR42, CR43, CR6, CR60, CR61, MED40, MED41, MED177, MED1773, MED1775, CRR1, CRR1+, CRD3, CRD3S2). Fully supported by OBDII is also 48V started generators from family INV20EM01 (hybrid vehicles)
  • by OBDII - Read FBS4 data from all MRD1, MRG1, MRG2, CRR2, EMS71 (no restrictions about production year!)
  • by DSBOX and on bench connection to the unit - set to virgin state MRD1, MRG1, CRR2 produced before 2021. ZN051 Distribution box and EP003 are required.
  • by DSBOX/ABProg and on bench connection to the unit - all DSM/DSM222 and transmission control units VGS-DCT (dual clutch transmission) and VGSNAG3 (9-g tronic). ZN051 Distribution box and EP003 are required.
  • ECU MRD1, MRG1 (manufactured up to 2021) – Bench connection using ZN051 Distribution box and EP003 are required.
  • Direct Shift Module (DSM) – ABPROG (ZN030) is required to connect to the module’s microcontroller to read and extract the needed data directly from it.
Required tools:
  • ZN051 Abrites Distribution Box
  • ZN030 Abrites ABPROG
  • CB030 Mercedes-Benz MD1/MG1 ECU connection cable for FBS4 Manager and ECU Programming Tool
  • CB403 Extended Cable Set for all TCUs which require bench connection
AVDI with active Assist plan is required.
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