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  1. ZN085 - Abrites Programmer RH850/V850 ZN085 - Abrites Programmer RH850/V850
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    Supported V850/RH850 Processors:
    • VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3526
    • VDO MQB Virtual Cockpit V850 70F3526
    • VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3525
    • VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3537
    • JCI MQB Analogue V850 70F3529
    • JCI MQB Analogue V850 70F3532
    • JCI MQB Analogue V850 70F3532 rev2
    • JCI MQB Analogue V850 70F3525(A)
    • VDO MQB Virtual RH850 R7F701401 (with Megamos-AES keys)
    • VDO MQB Analogue RH850 R7F701407
    • VDO MQB Analogue RH850 R7F701402 (with Megamos-AES keys)
    • Renault HFM RH850
    • Renault BCM RH850
    • Ford BCM 1573
    • And many more to come!
    • Keyprogramming by RH850 dump for FCA vehicles requires the FN024 license.
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  2. ZN003 - Protag V2 with TA31 and Activation ZN003 - Protag V2 with TA31 and Activation
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    List of supported transponders/keys:
    • Mercedes-Benz IR keys (FBS3)
    • Mercedes-Benz trucks keys
    • All types Philips PIT type - 7930, 7931, 7935,...
    • All types HITAG-2 including internal NVR memory (eeprom) and remote control memory. Operating modes password mode, cipher mode, manchester encoding, biphase encoding
    • All types HITAG-Pro
    • All types HITAG-AES
    • All types HITAG-Extended
    • All types HITAG-3
    • Audi BCM2 based keys
    • Sokymat 8E including internal NVR (eeprom) memory of Audi keys
    • Megamos 13 and its emulation over T5/Nova, TK5551, PIT
    • Megamos 48 compatible
    • Megamos AES
    • Tiris 4C and cloning over TPX1 compatible
    • Tiris 4D/4E and cloning over TPX2/EH2/CN1/CN2/TA7/TA36 compatible
    • Tiris DST+ and cloning over TA68
    • Tiris AES and cloning over TA64
    • Temic 11/12 and cloning over T5/Nova or TK5551
    • Temic 8C and cloning over TK5551
    Reset used OEM keys to virgin state:
    • Chrysler, Dodge Jeep Hitag-2 keys
    • Hyundai/Kia Hitag-2 keys
    • Audi A6/Q7 keys
    • All types of Toyota/Lexus/Scion smart keys
    Key/Transponder cloning support:
    • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion DST-AES/Hitag AES keys (H Type keys)
    • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion Tiris DST+ (G type keys)
    • All types Hyundai/Kia Tiris DST+
    • All types HITAG-2 (example Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter, Iveco, Porsche, ...)
    • All types Megamos 13 (example Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, ...)
    • Megamos 48 (example Chevrolet)
    • All types Temic 11/12 (example Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Actros, ...)
    • Ford/Mazda Temic 8C
    • ID33 types (example OPEL, Peugeot, Renault, ...)
    • All types Tiris 4C (example Ford, Honda, Acura, Toyota, ...)
    • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion ID67, ID68, ID70
    • All types Tiris 4D/4E (example Subaru, Ford, Mazda)
    Transponders low level operations:
    • Read/write user data
    • Read/write remote control data
    • Operation mode configuration
    • Authentification
    • Secret key programming
    • NVR (eeprom) memory access
    • Automatic transponder detection
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  3. ZN030 - ABPROG ZN030 - ABPROG
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    This programmer works together with AVDI interface. With the help of this programmer you can :

    - For NEC MCU's assembled in the MERCEDES IR-Keys - Read the SSID of the key, Erase the NEC chip and then program it again

    - With adapter ZN031 for M35xxx/SPI/I2C Adapter together with Abrites EEPROM Programmer software allows you to erase and write SPI EEPROM memory with and without incremental registers:

    • M35080VP
    • M35080V6
    • D080D0WQ
    • D160D0WQ
    • M95080
    • M95160
    • M95320
    • M95640
    • M95128
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