1. ZN030 - ABPROG ZN030 - ABPROG
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    This programmer works together with AVDI interface. With the help of this programmer you can :

    - For NEC MCU's assembled in the MERCEDES IR-Keys - Read the SSID of the key, Erase the NEC chip and then program it again

    - With adapter ZN031 for M35xxx/SPI/I2C Adapter together with Abrites EEPROM Programmer software allows you to erase and write SPI EEPROM memory with and without incremental registers:

    • M35080VP
    • M35080V6
    • D080D0WQ
    • D160D0WQ
    • M95080
    • M95160
    • M95320
    • M95640
    • M95128
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  2. ZN002 - PROTAG Programmer ZN002 - PROTAG Programmer
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    The PROTAG programmer is the latest generation tool intended for operation with keys and transponders used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.

    It provides all the current functionality of the Tag programmer and a lots more.

    PROTAG is ready to program all keys and transponders produced by  ABRITES Ltd.

    TA31 Abrites extractor is included in the box.


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