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  • We have been extremely actively involved in the vehicle  diagnostic field for numerous years. In this time we have developed  a key relationship with Abritus 72 Ltd, a market leading  developer of diagnostic equipment of electronic components integrated within vehicles They are genuinely ahead of the game with the market leading AVDI tool  and strive to remain there in this ever-evolving field. 

    We are the key distributor of the AVDI.  In 2013 we  launched the AVDI Assist Plans - Complete Aftercare Solution which provides unrivalled support of the AVDI. The Assist Plans  includes premium video content, knowledge-base, AVDI forum access and backup support from our AVDI professionals. This  solution is fully integrated with development team at Abritus.

    In 2014 we will be launching a training facility dedicated to the AVDI in the UK. 

    We offer the premier support that a premier product like the AVDI requires.

    Through the key relationship with Abritus,  KAPdiagnostics.com Ltd has developed itself into the "official distributor of next generation diagnostic solutions."

  • Abritus 72 Ltd is an innovative company founded in 2005 whose main goal is to develop diagnostic equipment of electronic components integrated into cars, trucks, bikes, etc. Their equipment functionality is influenced both by the specific requirements of our partners and the rapid development of automotive electronics. They  offer practical solutions for optimising, standardising and simplifying of the work process. Pursuing the latest demands of those involved in the automotive service industry, they have developed a diagnostic tool named AVDI which is constantly improved and developed.

     The company has a registered trade mark - ABRITES, which guarantees the authenticity of our goods. By using the  products, clients have the opportunity for unified diagnostics and diagnostic procedures that are inaccessible or insufficiently developed by the equipment provided by the automobile manufacturers. Today the company  has about 40 young and creative employees, with the intention to expand personnel in the research, development areas.

    Abritus aims to exceed clients expectations. They plan to develop and maintain there products to be compatible with operating systems such as "iOS", "Linux", "Android", etc. Abritus believe in their abilities, welcome innovation and dynamics and aim to achieve the impossible!

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