AVDI Full Package v35


This package includes ALL special functions available with the AVDI which are listed in the main description

Hardware included : AVDI, PROTAG V2, TA31, TA30, TA36 ABPROG, DISTRIBUTION BOX, 

J1850, ZN036, ZN039-2, ZN046, ZN052, ZN059, ZN060, ZN061 ZN066, CB010 and CB012 included within this package.

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List of   special functions available within AVDI full package are as follows:

VN002, VN003, VN005, VN006, VN007, VN009, VN012, VN013, VN015, PO006, PO008, PO009, NN008, FN013, FN014, FN015, FN019, MI007, HK007, HK009, HK011, VL003, VL004, FR005, FR008, FR009, FR010, BK002, BN010, BN011, BN012, BN013, ON010, ON013, ON014, RR011, RR018, RR019, RR020, RR021, RR022, RR023, KT010, KT011, KT012, DF002, TN008, TN009 TN010, TN011, TN012, TN013, CR006, CR007, MN026, MN027, PN009, PN017, PN018, JL003, JL004, JL005, SB001, EP001, EP002, EP003

Approx 35% discount on purchasing this package, than buying special functions included individually.

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