Abrites Diagnostics for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA version7.3

We are very happy to announce the new features available in the upcoming version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA - 7.3.
In it our developers are ready with the reading of the PIN codes of the new Chrysler models such as the Chrysler Pacifica from 2017+, Dodges of the similar years and others.
This function will be a free addition to all FN017 owners with a ASSIST PLAN.

Remote frequency hub modules (RFH) direct CAN support (for the cases when direct connection to the internal CAN is needed.

Also new in the upcoming version will be the addition of the BCM from Delphi with NEC 70F3632/70F3633. They will be supported for Reading/Writing of Flash and Data Flash.

Again this will be available for customers with the FN017 and a ASSIST PLAN.

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