Abrites Diagnostics for Kia/ Hyundai version 3.1

PIN code reading and key programming for the latest models of the Korean brands.
Inevitably we managed to reach this state and we are now very happy to introduce to the world our latest developments.

Recently our developers managed to reach a breakthrough in this field and now we would like to tell you more.

Obviously we have been asked about our development in this field many times and we finally would like to tell you that models after 2007 will be supported for both key programming and PIN code reading.

Development of this took a while but in our next update we will provide you with a tool that needed attention

Great effort on behalf of our developers was put into this and we appreciate their hard work.

Definitely this will change the Abrites diagnostics for KIA/Hyundai and it will take it's place as a leader in the Aftermarket world. More news on this to follow.

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