Abrites ECU Programmer

Abrites ECU Programmer

In the new update for the Abrites ECU PROGRAMMER we want to show you a lot of new features. 

Here is what you can expect.
I. Support for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and building equipment Engine Control Units. We have support for boot pin reading and writing, bench reading and writing, of course, reading and writing by OBD.
II. Bosch MD/ MG ECU types supported for reading and writing via Bench mode. Supported processors are of the TC2XX type.

III. BOSCH MG ECU in FORD vehicles are supported for reading and writing by OBD!

IV. BOSCH EDC17/MED17 ECUs in VAG are now supported for virtual reading via OBD.
This is one of the biggest changes we have had to the software for ECUs so far and we are happy to be able to provide it to our customers.

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