VN020 - CS Manager for Locked BCM2 Modules


- A4 / A5 2008-2016 AKL
- A6 / A8 2010-2018 Spare Keys

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The latest Abrites license for VAG allows you to read the component security bytes (CS) from the locked BCM2 modules. These CS bytes are then used for key programming.

The VN020 covers the locked BCM2 modules from 2013-2018, for both A4/A5/Q5 and A6/A7/A8/Touareg platforms.

BCM2 modules are integrated in the A4/A5/Q5 (2008-2016) and A6/A7/A8/Touareg (2010-2018) vehicles, and the BCM2 CS bytes can be read under the following limitations:

•    By OBDII for cars from 2008 till 2013 or with ABPROG programmer (even if there is no working key)
•    By OBDII for the cars 2013-2018 (only with a working key), and if the BCM2 is with suitable version*
*e.g. 8K0907064xx 0711 cannot be read by OBDII even if a working key is present

VN020 solves the limitations above and allows reading all the locked BCM2 modules and extract the CS bytes from them.

These CS bytes can be used for:

•    A4/A5/Q5 vehicles 2008-2016 - all keys lost

•    A6/A7/A8/Touareg vehicles 2010-2018 - adding spare key

ZN030 Required

ZN080 Required

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