BN012 BMW Advanced Coding Function


- Reading/Programming of VO

- Reprogramming Flash Memory

- FSC Coding

- ID Programming

- CBS Programming

- ISN Reading

- AIF History Reading

- Fast Coding

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This function enables reading and programming vehicle order data, reprogramming flash memory of all electronic control units, E-series unit coding.

Programming Functions 

• Reading and displaying ISN (Individual Serial Number) of the DME/ DDE
• Coding/ Fast coding/ All coding related operations.
• Programming/ Flashing/ All programming of units related operations (direct databases released from BMW compatible)
• FSC Codes for CCC/ CIC/ NBT (Head Unit Car Infotainment Computer / Car Communication Computer/ Head Unit)
• ID change (VIN)
• Mileage calibration (wherever possible). By OBD Read / Update mileage from many units
• Programming Vehicle Order data (you can add new units to configuration of the vehicle) - E body
• Update Service intervals (CBS – Condition Based Servicing) via OBD
• Sensor calibrations
• Configuration coding of each unit individually E Body
• Reading of AIF data and history for F Series.

ISN Reading coverage

DDE/DME types added - ME9, EDC16, EDC17, MSV70, MEV9, MEVD17, MEVD172Y, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, N62_TUE/2, ME9N62, MSV80/MSV80.1, MSD80/MSD80.2, MSD81, MSD81.2, MSD85, MSS60, MEV172/MED172/MEV1722. 

ISN conversion from DME to CAS, for ISTA-P 37+ CAS models requiring encryption. 

Not granted for all types of control modules.

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