TA36 Abrites DST 40bit/ DST+ 80bit electronic head transponder


• DST40 Emulation

 DST80+ Emulation 

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Emulation of all DST+ transponders in 40 or 80 bits SK authentication mode. Useful for master smart key preparation by OBD with Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicles, cloning of Texas 4D keys, programming on Ford vehicles.

Emulation Toyota/Lexus/Scion g-transponder (type 98 smart key DST 80). Content of the transponder is fixed. Useful for master key programmingby dump.

Replacement of all DST+ transponders in 80 bits SK authentication mode for all bikes (BMW, Husqvarna etc.)

Unlimited number of transponder programming attempts.

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