Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes

We are pleased to inform all our customers that our developers have made great progress in regards to the Mercedes FBS4 (DAS4) system.
In the upcoming update we will present the following new features:

1. FBS4 Renewal (make virgin) for the BOSCH, Continental and DELPHI engine control units (ECUs) . 

2. FBS4 Saving all the data needed for future personalization of the module.

This will allow exchange of the ECU if you have a working one from the donor. 


- MED17.7.1
- MED17.7.2
- MED17.7.3
- MED17.7.3.1
- MED17.7.5
- ME17.7 / Hybrid
- EDC17CP46
- EDC17CP57
- EDC17CP60
- EDC17C66
- Continental SID307
- Continental SID310
- Delphi CRD3

3. VIN adaptation for BOSCH, Continental and DELPHI engine control units (ECUs).

4. We have also added the ability to display the FBS4 control units identification, enabled (personalized, activated) – Key, ECU, ISM, DSM, TCU, ELV (ESL), EIS (EZS). 

5. This does not mean that we have forgotten about the updates to the older systems - for FBS3 (DAS3) we have expanded our list to support even more ECUs from all available suppliers.

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