HK011 Hyundia PIN, Key Manager Function


- Key Learning

- Smart key Pin reading 

- Mechanical key Pin reading

- Pin from Vin calculator 

- ECU Flash read/write 
- Pin reading from working key
Internet connection required
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The HK011 is the latest solution for Hyundai / KIA by Abrites.
It is an update of the HK008 special function, which allows you to perform key programming, as well as PIN code reading nearly 100% of Hyundai and KIA vehicles.
Main functionalities:

Key programming for ALL vehicles with Smart and mechanical keys
• PIN code reading from a working key for all vehicles with Smart keys and HITAG 3 or HITAG AES transponders
• PIN code extraction for all vehicles with Smart keys
• Reset to new keys, programmed to Hyundai/KIA vehicles with HITAG 3, HITAG AES, DST AES, and DST 80 transponders
• PIN code reading from a working key for all vehicles with mechanical keys and DST AES,  DST 80, or HITAG 2 transponders
• PIN code reading for vehicles with an ECU with built-in immobiliser from the following brands: Kefico, Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17, Delphi.
• PIN by VIN calculator for ALL vehicles up to year 09.2007
• Transmitter codes saving for ALL vehicles with mechanical keys
An AVDI, active Assist plan and Protag Programmer ZN002 or Protag Programmer V2 ZN003 are required to use this product.
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