Master Key Package V19


Bespoke AVDI package designed for auto locksmth/key technicians:

Vehicle brands covered  includes VAG,Mecedes, BMW, Renault. Opel. Toyota, Peugeot,  Chrysler, Porsche, Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Hyundia, Volvo, Subaru and Jaguar & Land Rover.

All neccessary hardware is included.

Approx 35% discount on purchasing this package, than buying special functions included individually.

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 Package Includes:




ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box


ZN036 IR Cable

ZN039-2 Toyota Tansponder Emulatior

ZN053 Extractor Cable

ZN054 Extention Cable for VAG

CB010 Star Connector for FCA gateway

J1850 Adaptor

TA30 Abrites DST- AES Transponder Emulator

TA31 Abrites Extractor

Toyota TA36 Transponder

ZN046 PCF for ABProg

ZN059 NEC adapter

ZN060 Micronas adapter (newstyle)

ZN061 Micronas adapter (Oldstyle)

ZN066 Subaru transponder emulator 

CB012 Calble set for direct CAN BUS connection 

CB016 BCM2 Connection Cable


EP001 Bosch EDC17MED17 Delph and SIMxx Boot Mode Manager

VN002 VAG Parts Adaptation Function

VN003 VAG Key Programming Function

VN009 VAG Key Programming for MQB Vehicles

VN020 - CS Manager for Locked BCM2 Modules

MN026 Mecedes Key Programming Function

BN010  BMW CAS Key Function

BN012  BMW Advanced Coding Function

BN013 BMW CAS 4 by Dump Function

RR018 Key Programming for Renault Tailsman/Megane IV/Sceinic IV/Espace V

RR019  Renault Traffic III/Twingo III/ Smart 453Lost Function

RR020 Renault/Dacia Key Learning with Continental BCM Function

RR021 Renualt Key learning for Master III and Kangoo II

RR022 Renualt Key learning for Clio V Capture II

RR023 Dacia Duster III Key Learning 

ON013 Opel Key and PIN Manager

TN008 Toyota Advanced Key by Diagnostics Function

PN018 Peugeot PIN Manager

PO008  Porsche Advanced Diagnostics Function

KT012 Porsche BCM, Key Learning via Dump

FR008  Ford Key Manager

MZ001 - Key Programming for Mazda 3/CX-30 2020+

NN008 Nissan PIN and Key Manager

FN015 Engine Control Unit Configuration Manager Function

FN022 - Fiat BCM and Key Manager for FCA/iIveco Vehicles

MI007 - Mitsubishi PIN and Key Manager

HK011 - Hyundia PIN and Key Manager

JL004 Jaguar & Land Rover Key Programming Function 

JL005 Jaguar & Land Rover Key Programming 2018+ Function

VL004 Volvo Key Learning Function

SB001 Subaru Key Learning Function

Approx 35% discount on purchasing this package, than buying special functions included individually.

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